Friday, November 12, 2010

Ana Beatriz Barros by Doug Inglish for Hercules


  1. Hi Ingrid! Ana Beatriz Barros it's a brazilian model... and I'm brasilian too.


    Bring a nice weekend.

  2. I looove brazilian models, especially Isabeli Fontana and Raquell Zimmermann!

  3. Oh sweet, you know, we give wonderfuls girl...
    The 20th list:

    1) Raquel Zimmermann
    2) Adriana Lima
    3) Alessandra Ambrósio
    4) Isabeli Fontana
    5) Izabel Goulart
    6) Ana Beatriz Barros
    7) Carol Trentini
    8) Viviane Orth
    9) Emanuela de Paula
    10) Ana Claudia Michels
    11) Jeisa Chiminazzo
    12) Aline Weber
    13) Flavia Oliveira
    14) Daiane Conterato
    15) Gracie Carvalho
    16) Bruna Tenório
    17) Liliane Ferrarezzi
    18) Lovani Pinnow
    19) Kelly V.
    20) Carmelit

    Kisses! I love your blog and I'm divulging your job.
    If you can, see too: (she's my friend here in my city) (super diferent!)

    and see regional stylists in my city, I think you like that: (looking for Walério Araújo)

  4. Thanks for the links!
    Brazil is absolutely a rising star within global fashion!


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